Our Story

Hello Lovely, welcome to Petra Organics 

Petra Organics started as a hobby at first for Petruta Capilnean, a certified health coach and holistic nutritionist. 

Petruta grew up in the small village of Sona, in the heart of Romania, Europe, where almost everything is natural and organic and people used to eating food mostly from their own gardens. In her late 20's, she moved with her husband to Miami Beach, USA to start living their American Dream. 

“My love for the wonders of nature came, I suppose, from my mother, a poetess and a marvelous person, who always taught me to see the beauty in everything.
That passion rooted later in college, when I attended seminars on healthy food and lifestyle, and I decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle myself.
Petra Organics started as a part-time hobby; I was tired and exhausted of going from one store to another looking for healthy, organic beauty products to take care of my skin.
And when I finally was excited to spot something "organic or natural,” a lot of times I ended up disappointed when I took a closer look at the harmful ingredients inside the nice, attractive container.
So I started to make my own beauty routine, using cold-pressed oils and natural ingredients I found in my own kitchen, staying up nights in row doing research, creating and testing new combinations.
In those moments I was feeling I found my true self, the happiness started to take over me while playing with the healthy ingredients over and over again, connecting myself with the pure, powerful force of Mother Nature”, Petruta remembers.
One day, as her husband came from work and saw her "recipes,"  he gave her the idea of sharing her health secrets, her tricks with the world.
“I liked his idea a lot, especially because nothing makes me happier than helping others” Petruta said.
With her husband's help and support, they started their own journey to helping people become healthier and happier every single day. 
“Petra Organics is more than a passion, it's a mission born from the idea of finding "magical" natural and organic solutions to the frustrating problems I had with my skin due to the harmful, poisonous chemicals invading the products on the market.
Our main concerns are to help people avoid the poisons that do a lot of harm to the skin, to share our solutions and help everybody who chooses to live a healthy, natural and organic life.
We are constantly creating and implementing new healthy products for our faithful clients.
Our products contain  natural, paraben free, gluten free, non GMO ingredients, no harsh chemicals that damage the skin and we never test our products on animals”, Petruta said.
Petra Organics magic formula involves a lot of love, they proudly use natural, healthy  ingredients derived from the Mother Nature, vitamins captured in their all-natural fresh base that will benefit your skin by healing, treating, repairing and regenerating.
Every ingredient is carefully studied and tested before it is integrated into their formula as quality is extremely important to them.
Petra Organics mission is to bring natural beauty, health and happiness into your life. They make it simpler for you to choose natural beauty.
Petra Organics team is all about helping others, they appreciate and love every single client and part of Petra Organics profits is going to charity and to the people in need from all over the world. Every time you buy one of Petra Organics  products 1$ goes to charity.
“Together we are strong, together we can make a difference and create a healthier, happier world. YOU matter in our world. We hope you enjoy the journey with Petra Organics and we are always happy to hearing from you”


 Petra Organics